Chaos, Sweet Chaos

Yes, I know I haven’t updated this page or my company site in over a month. Blame the short winter. Koi in outdoor ponds are starting to wake up early since the weather has been so nice and warm in our part of California. And with the koi come the parasites, infections and other fun problems. Fish vet to the rescue!

Keep your fingers crossed that we get our building permit from the county soon. Any day now… or so my architect says. We’ve only been working on this since… November.

On top of that, I caught two colds back to back, so I’ve missed over a week’s worth of paddling and a bunch of other work. Blech.

On top of that, I bought a house. Yes, I’m sorry east coast, but I’m not coming back anytime soon. I found the perfect house on the eastside of Santa Cruz that is just minutes from the new office with a garage, laundry, a dishwasher and a yard. So, buying a new house includes getting out of the old one. Ugh. Hiring movers is a given just due to the amount of books we’ve acquired over the last 3 years. Add in the other half’s piles upon heaps of outdoor gear and forget packing it up. I’ve already moved a bunch in my short 28 years, so this one is someone else’s hassle.

On top of those items, I have two conference presentations that I need to finish notes for. One is due March 30th (4 days) and the other May 1st (34 days). Not including just making the powerpoints pretty and easy to follow. Spoilers: here’s a happy fish with no eye! Can you guess who took it out? Before and after pictures:

Before: Can you spot the tumor?

Before: Can you spot the tumor?

After: Sparky, the happy one-eyed fish

After: Sparky, the happy one-eyed fish

For the whole Sparky story, click here.

And now, I’m about to dash out the door to drive over the hill to San Jose for the 3rd day in a row. So, that’s it for now.

Just keep swimming… Just keep swimming… Just keep swimming…

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