NO! It’s NOT done yet!

With all that is going on these days, I’ve been having a hard time trying to find things to write about. After a long day of seeing fish patients, paddling and fixing up the new house, my extra time is devoted to solid vegging. The building construction is still held up in the permit office and probably won’t be opening until.. September. *cringe* Sorry! And, please, stop asking! There will be sky writing, fireworks and lots of singing and dancing once a final date is set. At least the late start dates fixes some trip problems I was having. Everything will be amazing, I just have to be patient. If anyone knows anyone in the Santa Cruz building permit office, please give me their address so I can block their home entrances with fruit and chocolate. Thankfully, the staff I have gotten ready to hire have been extremely understanding as to why I can’t hire them yet.

At least I have the new house to distract me. Furniture is still on its way. It’s exactly what I want, though, so it’s worth the wait. The painters just finished yesterday, and if you don’t like blue, don’t come visit. Every room is a different shade. It was so close that even the painters got confused. The guest room is all ready for guests, but won’t be available for awhile. You will even get your own bathroom! But, yes, a large house has distracted me from the fact that my office hasn’t changed at all from when I signed the lease back in December. *sigh* I’ve gotten away from my business a little too, which is sad, but I’m trying to give more time and energy to it. April will be newsletter-less, but May, hopefully, will not be. I had to move out of my rental office too, since I thought the other office would be somewhat done by the time my lease was up, but no. So my entire office is packed in boxes on shelves in the garage. I had to purchase more mailing supplies just because I could not find the others amidst the chaos.

Once the house has more furniture, we can have visitors. Once the business has walls and stuff in it, you can come visit. But, for now, NO! THEY’RE NOT DONE! Leave me alone!

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