Public Speaking

Have you ever heard of a fish veterinarian? How are fish different from other pets?  How do you take care of a fish?  What makes fish unique and special?

Dr. Jessie Sanders, certified aquatic veterinarian, is here to answer all of your burning fish questions! Dr. Sanders is the owner and chief veterinarian of Aquatic Veterinary Services, an all-aquatic private practice specializing in pet fish. She is ready to talk to groups of all ages and sizes about her fun cases and wet adventures. Her interactive talks are fun for all ages and fish experience levels.

Veterinary Schools

Dr. Sanders is available to speak to veterinary students on all aspects of aquatic veterinary medicine, including business talks for VMBA associations.


In-Person (1-hour): $300 + all travel expenses

Virtual/Zoom (1-hour): $200 (we will host and provide a recording)

Fish Clubs

Koi, goldfish, betta, cichlids or you name it, we’re happy to tailor talks to all sorts of fish groups. Whether you are looking for general guidance, nutrition or specific disease presentations, we are happy to work with you to create a program that will benefit all of your members.


In-Person (1-hour): $350 + all travel expenses

In-Person (1-hour presentation with 1-hour activity): $500 + all expenses

Virtual/Zoom (1-hour): $250 (we will host and provide a recording)

How to Kill Your Koi Presentations

Interested in learning all about our most recent publication, How to Kill Your Koi? Dr. Sanders provides a chapter-by-chapter breakdown with additional background and insights.


In-Person (1-hour presentation with 1-hour book signing): $500 + all travel expenses

In-Person (1-hour presentation, 1-hour activity and 1-hour book signing): $750 + all expenses

Virtual/Zoom (1-hour): $250 (we will host and provide a recording), discount books available with signature (please specify quantity)

If you are interested in a different topic or format of talk, please let us know! We are happy to tailor or program to any interest group.

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