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Have you ever heard of a fish veterinarian? How are fish different from other pets?  How do you take care of a fish?  What makes fish unique and special?

Dr. Jessie Sanders, certified aquatic veterinarian, is here to answer all of your burning fish questions! Dr. Sanders is the owner and chief veterinarian of Aquatic Veterinary Services, an all-aquatic private practice specializing in pet fish. She is ready to talk to groups of all ages and sizes about her fun cases and wet adventures. Her interactive talks are fun for all ages and fish experience levels.

Preschool to Elementary School

Boo & Bubbles – This children’s picture book, written by Dr. Sanders and illustrated by Connie Williams, follows the story of a little girl named Boo as she brings home her first pet fish, Bubbles. All readings will require help from the students to assemble an educational aquarium! For more information on Boo & Bubbles, please visit the Boo & Bubbles website.

Boo & Bubbles 2: A Visit From the Fist Vet – The second installment of the Boo & Bubbles series: join Boo, George and Bubbles as they go through the course of a fish illness.

Boo & Bubbles 3: Meet Goldie – The third and final chapter brings a new fish to the mix – Goldie! Learn proper quarantine and how to introduce new fish to each other.

Middle School

Join Dr. Sanders for a fish veterinarian ride-along! This presentation will cover all sorts of fun aquatic themed veterinary cases spanning Dr. Sanders’s lengthy career in aquatic medicine. Look at fish x-rays, see how a fish can undergo surgery and don’t be afraid to get wet as we demonstrate the difficult task of transporting fish! Highly interactive and good for groups of all sizes.

High School

Learn how veterinarians go through cases by collecting all the case clues and making a “plan of attack.” This case-based teaching approach builds upon basic problem solving skills but adds a fun aquatic twist!

Adult Education

From koi clubs to veterinary groups, we offer a broad range of topics through traditional lecture slides or interactive labs. Please keep in mind that live animals cannot be used.

  • Fish Health & Stress
  • Fish Vet Cases (we have a special one on eyeballs!)
  • Fish Surgery
  • Mobile Veterinary Practice
  • Adventures of a Fish Veterinarian
  • And more!

If you are interested in a different topic or format of talk, please let us know! We are happy to tailor or program to any interest group.

Current Calendar

Previous Presentations

American Association of Fish Veterinarians

  • Surgery in Koi & Goldfish, Conference Committee (2017)
  • Surgery in Koi & Goldfish (2016)
  • Fish Eye Case Studies (2015)

American Veterinary Medical Association Convention

  • Advanced Koi Medicine, Basic Goldfish Medicine & Surgery, Koi & Goldfish Surgery (2017)
  • Tipping the Scales in Your Favor: How to Start An Aquatic Veterinary Practice (2015)

ZNA NorCal Koi Show

  • Pathogen Resistance (2014)
  • Fish Veterinarian Q & A with Surgery Video Demo (2016)
  • Surgery in Koi & Goldfish (2017)

Seymour Discovery Center Science Sunday

  • No Wetsuit Required: Adventures of a Fish Veterinarian (2016)

Wonderland Toys & Classroom Resources

  • Storytime: Boo & Bubbles (2017)

Neighborhood Childcare Center

  • Storytime: Boo & Bubbles (2017)


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