Lease Is Signed!

Well, it took you long enough! After 4 or 5 drafts, many talks with lawyers, realtors and owners, this 64 page behemoth of a document is finally signed. Aquatic Veterinary Services and Santa Cruz Koi’s new home will be at the Soquel Tower Plaza, 4061 Soquel Dr, Unit B, Soquel, CA. No idea yet on when we’ll be able to open, estimating March of 2015, but this is the first step. This is permanent. This is HUGE! No going back now… eeek!

What’s next, you may ask? Well, now I get to formalize my plans with the architect and make the building my own. Once the bare studs have been covered and everything is ready to go, we’ll start moving in. More people will be hired and retail stock will be ordered and arranged.

One tiny step down… 999,999 to go…

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