Officially Official!

For those of you watching our company page, the official announcement about our new enterprise went out today. The lease has been approved and the architect is working on getting permits today. Two giant checks have been signed and the freak out has begun. I haven’t had a good night sleep since Thanksgiving. My brain wakes up around 5:45-6 and the whirling dance begins. Products and advertising and employees and taxes and products and placement and and and…

Building a business is not a simple process. It takes lots of people who know more than me working for me and spending lots of money. Sure, it’ll be worth it in the end, but right now, I’m swimming in hundreds of emails and big dollar signs. Lots of kitten hugs for the next few days.

In order to get an idea of where we’re at now, here’s the following pictures:


The exterior. Plain. Unassuming. The door to the left will be the entrance to the retail store. The door to the right will be the entrance to the hospital.


Now looking out the retail door to the intersection of 41st and Soquel. Safeway/Home Depot plaza is across the street. That tower to the left has a fish sculpture that lights up at night! I took it as a sign.


Now you get an idea about the work that needs to be done. So, a giant wall will go right down the middle of this space. I don’t know who will be moving into the space on the right. It won’t really matter though, because in 3-5 years, we will be taking it over and expanding our hospital and/or retail space. Across the parking lot in this direction is a UPS store and possibly a salon. But, yes, first off we need walls and ceiling and lights and stuff.


So, here’s where the main changes will be. First off, there will be a big wall dropping down from the level upstairs to turn what you see into the “back area.” In this building, there are 3 floors, and thankfully, an elevator. (Water = HEAVY!) So, downstairs will be hospital holding and retail stock. The spot directly in front of that window to the left of the stairs will be our procedures area. Our most expensive piece of equipment, a large wet procedure table, will be in that area. There will be a curtain separating that area so that in case of event A) I need to concentrate or it’s not going to be pretty, I can curtain off the area or event B) My job is awesome and a class of 10 people can stand around and watch with the curtain open. Upstairs will be more storage and office space. Down the hallway to the right on this level, towards the other entrance, will be my awesome hospital manager’s office and an exam room for the people who show up in the middle of the day without any warning and need a place to stick their fish ASAP.

So, got the general idea? Good. That’s all I got for now. Yes, there will be a giant, kick-ass grand opening celebration. Everyone will be invited. Tell all your friends. If everything goes well, we’re looking to open early spring of 2015. I have a feeling, however, that the hospital will be up and running by then, but the retail may not open until late spring/early summer 2015. We hope to have the hospital established before the koi show at the beginning of March. It’s gonna be close!

And here’s what’s keeping me sane, for the most part… plus Dad and his sisters.


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