Hello Reality!

My days consist of writing To Do lists and then, slowly, painstakingly, checking one or two “little” things off per day. Opening a new business is no small project, even when I have the basic business already established.

Meetings with people who know more than me are the biggest things I have going right now. Lawyers, accountants, pond maintenance guys, koi suppliers, payroll, small business mentors, friends who have worked in retail, and even one in fish retail, family and one very understanding significant other who has heard way too much complaining already. All are coming together to help me pull off this insane project.

The lease is tediously getting polished up and, hopefully, lots of finger crossing, will be signed next week. Almost 6 weeks since I first inquired about the property, we are on the last draft of the lease.

Employees are scary. I have people who I am in charge of, have to pay regularly and have to provide insurance and retirement benefits. Scary! Who does what in each position is a delicate balance, but the students willing to work are already trickling in. Once I post the job online, that trickle will quickly become a flood. Come on, who doesn’t want to work for me in an awesome job?

I wish my main marketing guys didn’t live 3000 miles away. They have been so helpful, but there are some discussions that aren’t going to be completely fulfilling over email.

You know what I am looking forward to? The grand opening party. That milestone will mean that people have been hired and entered into all the right databases. Distributors will be managed and products will be on the shelves. I won’t be looking at an empty building, stripped to the studs, but a well managed office. Plus, I am a kick-ass party planner. Don’t you worry, everyone is invited!

So, back to the lists I go, taking only a short 5 minutes to keep you, the faceless interweb, updated on my brain’s daily activity. Now, a deep breath, and back to the grindstone I go…

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