The Great Fish Hospital Conundrum

So, since it’s our slow season, my brain has started to work on some other projects. Aside from the usual marketing to vet hospitals, fish stores and club talks, new projects seem to pop up on a regular basis. The newest, and most grandiose, is the fish hospital idea. Ever since seeing a fellow fish doctor’s hospital, and hearing that it provides a steady income, I have been brewing an idea for my own hospital. Problem #1: he lives in Pennsylvania, out of our drought zone. So, water costs would certainly be higher. Then, here comes the crazy idea train. My mind, when properly caffeinated and free of other distractions (aka kittens) can go high speed with whatever crazy idea I have chosen to mull. Hospital –> fish rescue –> fish med sales –> fish retail store. What? Where the hell did all this come from? Do you know how much room I’d need for all of that? Not to mention it would have to be in a good commute location and, oh, wait a minute, I could teach classes there too! I could have a surgery suite with a live webcam and a sweet office… See what I mean? I can’t control my brain sometimes. I had to sleep with a notebook under my pillow for nights just so if I thought of something mid Z’s, I could quickly capture the idea without it getting away.

So, what next? I have a great idea with lots of little, supporting ideas. First things first. Need to pick a start date. My current office is okay, but will not hold any of this. The lease is up in April, so, hopefully, this great big idea will need to be substantial by then. Next step? I did what I do best. List making. A plain 8×11 piece of paper was thoroughly destroyed in getting all the monsters out of my brain. Categorized into Hospital and Retail sections with random scribbles all over the page, it is starting to have a focus. Goals and hurdles of varying sizes are flying across my brain and out onto this poor piece of paper. Next step, bouncing it off people. Hey, you’re people! What do you think? Crazy? Yes! Doable? YES! Anyone know of any good locations? That would probably be a good next step… Need to get some Christmas cards ready: “Dear family: you’re psycho daughter/sister/niece/cousin/whatever is up to way past her eyeballs trying to open a fish hospital. See you next year! (hopefully)”

Watch out world! The crazy brain of Dr. Jessie Sanders is on the war path to open her own fish hospital/retail store in the coming 6 months. Wow, 6 months… wow. Ideas? Thoughts? Medication suggestions? I’m all ears.

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