The Conundrum Continues

So, the cliffhanger from our last post continues. Yes, the hospital is still in the works! We have chosen a property that is new construction and should be perfect for our needs! The architect is working on the proposal and the lease is off to the lawyer for review. Until the lease is officially signed, no official plans can be made. Boo…

So, what’s a vet to do? Well, thankfully, a few patients have trickled down the pipe to keep me a little occupied. I have been interviewing lots of people in retail and the fish industry to get their input on my project. If you have some good insight/ideas for me, call me ASAP!

We have a hospital manager! One of my own assistants has been almost officially brought on board to be the hospital manager of Aquatic Veterinary Services Fish Hospital! More details to be revealed soon.

The struggle to find our name continues. It will probably come to me in the middle of the night when I have no writing implements handy. Right now, we have our Top 3:

1) Koi Solutions

2) Santa Cruz Koi

3) Professional Pond Products/Supply/Something

After about 100 name suggestions, only about 10 of which are professional and not silly/punny/cute, we have the top 3. Again, no official decisions have to be made until the lease is signed. Hopefully, by the end of this coming week, everything should be official and signed!

And if you have any ideas/input/experience, please let me know!

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