New Company Shirts Are In!

Yay! The newest company t-shirts with MY LOGO have arrived! I whipped one out of the box and threw it on immediately. We had some complaints about the first set, where the color was “un-manly.” So, here you go Uncle Steve… a manly, NAVY shirt to wear proudly.


I know it seems silly, but company t-shirts are awesome. Not only do I get to advertise myself, they are a constant reminder that this company is all mine! When I was growing up, and my Dad was building his software business, he would have company shirts made every year or so. Over the years, I have amassed an impressive Hypack/CoastalO t-shirt collection. I have one of the original t-shirts that was remastered when the company was renamed. Those shirts are my Dad’s company’s legacy through the years. All the ups and downs have a corresponding t-shirt. One day, I hope to go through all of my old company t-shirts, so I can relive the highs and lows of my own endeavor. I am proud of my Dad and his company, and one day, I hope mine can be 1/10th of what he has accomplished. I have a great role model for constructing and maintaining a business and I am so proud of myself and how far I have gotten in just a few years. Watch out world; I’m coming for you!

Ahem… T-shirts are available for purchase!

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