Waiting… waiting… waiting…

SCK Rack CardSo… right now, I’m in limbo. The permits (second set, don’t ask) are hopefully working their way through the Santa Cruz county offices. Once those are issued, the builder said it will be a 2 month turn around. That, along with $80,000 (blech), should put us on track for a June 1st opening. Provided that we can get everything up and running in 1 month. So, I’m sticking to my “spring 2015” opening. I was joking months ago with my aunt that this may turn out to be a birthday present for me. Scary how close to the truth that would be. Although my birthday is technically summer, but just barely…

In the mean time, we have lots of other stuff to do! It seems like every other day, I check the calendar and another week or two has slipped by me. The big koi show in San Jose (which you should totally check out) kinda sneaked up on me in all the other planning. Thankfully, my pseudo-brother-in-law is making the trek from the east coast to help out with that weekend. Not only does he know about fish, but he is a marketing genius = worth the plane ticket, a few round of drinks and then some. He and his sales-talented bro, my other half, are so much help to me during these events. They talk to people when I don’t want to or need a coffee break. So, we have lots of information about the hospital to hand out and no opening date. Well, maybe by the end of the month, fingers crossed, we will, but I’m not holding my breath. So, if you have nothing to do the weekend of Feb 28 and Mar 1, come on by the koi show in San Jose and visit! Just be sure to ask something other than, “so when are you guys opening?”

I had a lovely meeting with an ADT security specialist to secure the crap out of the new building. Growing up in a small cow town in CT, we never bothered to lock the doors, let alone have a security system. Well, in Santa Cruz, I would hire a pack of wolverines to guard the store if I could. I’ll look into it. I’m hoping the door alarms, motion detectors, cameras and flood detectors should do the trick. Even might go for the “pulse” features where I can spy on everyone from anywhere I get phone service. Tempting… we’ll see how expensive it is.

We have a lead on a retail manager! One of the lovely, smart, talented women from my paddling team might come on board with our fishy operation! She is WAY overqualified for this job, but if she can get us off the ground and running and feels like ordering college kids around for a year or two, I will be more than lucky. She and our hospital manager will be meeting with me sometime next week for a “what the hell are we getting ourselves into” meeting. I plan to involve alcohol.

In looking at all my rambling paragraphs, I wonder what my English teachers would have thought. No topic sentences; weak ones at best. Conclusion sentences not even attempted. Hey, look at that fragment! In the past few months, I wondered if I could go back in time and tell myself everything I will get to do before I’m 30, would I do anything different? Study harder in vet school? Try some new hobbies in college? Stay in touch with high school friends? Nah. Life is pretty awesome right now, despite the days being filled with 3,000 different projects and ideas. I’m a smart cookie. Thank you smart parents (two engineers). This project is going to ROCK! Mmm… cookies…

Kindergarten bad ass. Yeah, I've always been awesome.

Kindergarten bad ass. Yeah, I’ve always been awesome.

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