SCORE Small Business Mentoring

Last night, Score-SoloI attended a SCORE SimpleSteps workshop, designed to help small business owners get up and running. Most of the information was a little too late for me, since I already have a corporation set up and a great team of accountants and lawyers, but I would highly recommend their services to anyone interested in starting their own business. Even if you just have an idea, it’s a great resource to have. We covered types of businesses, what you need as far as licensing and zoning, pros and cons of different business models and what you need to make the next step. I was just happy to have more experts to answer silly business questions for me!

SCORE Santa Cruz County holds many workshops like the one I attended in addition to their mentoring program. I have already met with two of their mentors who have been great business resources. I first met with Barbara, a retired CPA, who helped me flesh out my business plan. She recommended I attend the workshop and speak with Michael, another mentor who does more marketing. Michael and I sat over coffee for a few hours discussing cheap ways to increase my business visibility and the big open house grand opening. In two very different ways, I got a lot out of both my meetings with Barbara and Michael and I am very thankful for all of their help. I am hoping to meet with a few more business mentors in the SCORE program in  order to get help with a few other aspects of my business.

My advice for those of your starting a business: talk to everyone who has experience with any aspect of your business. Marketing, logo design, ordering, management, business planning, architectural/layout, anything! Once you start asking, you’ll be amazed at how many people will be happy to talk to you over coffee or drinks. If you want some professional assistance, search out a mentor, like the ones offered through SCORE. SCORE has groups all over the country, not just here in Santa Cruz. Take a small step today and sign up! No matter where you are in your business dream, extra help is always appreciated.

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