New Logo

A few years ago, when I was first putting together Aquatic Veterinary Services, I approached a local Santa Cruz artist about coming up with a logo for my company. I have some limited artistic talent, but not enough to develop a logo that I would be happy with. My very first logo looked like this:


I traced a fish out of a book (a clownfish to be specific), scanned it, colored it black and added some text in the tech savvy program, Windows Paint. Not very clever, but it did the job.

So, back to my current AVSNCA logo. I showed Santa Cruz artist Connie Williams a few other fish-themed company logos. Lots of koi in blocks of black, white and red. Very traditional shapes and all very boring. The brilliant Connie came up with a few ideas along those lines, but what we eventually settled on was all of her own creation. Inspired by me, she came up with the following design:


Yes, that is me and my stethoscope underwater working on a fish. This is how Connie saw my job in her creative mind. I absolutely love this design. Now, add some color, and voila!


And that is how the logo for Aquatic Veterinary Services of Northern California was born! So, now that we have the new business endeavor, I went back to Connie and asked her to create a logo for Santa Cruz Koi, our new koi retail store. We wanted something that tied into the old logo, but had a different goal. Instead of veterinary care, we want our koi to have safe and healthy homes through the purchase of our products. Uncle Steve, you’ll be happy to know that there was a “cuddlefish” design, but instead, we went with this… Drum roll, please! Introducing the new logo of Santa Cruz Koi…

SCK Logo

It’s brilliant. I love it. Time to start getting it up on our website and marketing materials!

And I can never cut my hair…

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