How to Give a Shark a Physical

One of my favorite days when I was an aquarist volunteer was Shark Physicals Day. It was only offered to select individuals and I had finally made the cut. You got to the aquarium in the pre-dawn hours and had to catch 4 sand tiger sharks and 3 nurse sharks out of a giant tank […]

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Starting My Business

Throughout veterinary school, my direction wavered. Sure, I had gone to veterinary school because I wanted to be an aquatic veterinarian, but I ended up at a school where this career path was highly unrealistic and laughable. Seriously, people would laugh. Without a mentor or any guidance, I started to consider other tracks in veterinary […]

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UC Davis Uncommon Vet Panel

For those of you who missed UC Davis’ Pre-Health Conference a few months ago, you can still catch Dr. Sanders in her appearance on the Uncommon Veterinarian Panel discussion. Along with Dr.┬áSerena Brenner (MS, DVM, Associate Veterinarian at Chabot Veterinary Clinic) and Dr.┬áCurtis Eng (DVM, Staff Veterinarian at The Los Angeles Zoo), you can learn […]

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