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How to Give a Shark a Physical

One of my favorite days when I was an aquarist volunteer was Shark Physicals Day. It was only offered to select individuals and I had finally made the cut. You got to the aquarium in the pre-dawn hours and had to catch 4 sand tiger sharks and 3 nurse sharks out of a giant tank […]

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Learning to Catch Fish

My time spent volunteering at Mystic Aquarium were some of the best times in the beginning of my career. I annoyed the staff endlessly with my requests for more work and projects. To start out, I would arrive early, smack dab in the middle of their lunch. Looking back now, I can see how this […]

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Aquarium Misadventures: Beware the Overflow

If you have ever working in the aquarium industry, you have, at some point, overfilled a tank. You turn on the water and start to work on something else, even for a moment, and suddenly, water is running over the sides and spilling onto the floor. If you have yet to or claim to have […]

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